Legendary Comic Book Writer Stan Lee Joins Forces With The Ave for Custom "Excelsior!" Vans!

Posted on January 11 2017

Legendary comic book writer Stan Lee has joined forces with The Ave Venice to create "Excelsior!" & POW! Entertainment custom Vans!

These custom kicks are available exclusively at The Ave
and are created to-order using our patented process.

The former president and chairman of Marvel Comics and Founder, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Pow! Entertainment, Stan Lee is credited with co-creating Spider-Man™, The Incredible Hulk™, X-Men™, The Fantastic Four™, Iron Man,™ and hundreds of other beloved characters. 







Stan started his career as an office worker for Timely Comics, which would become Marvel Comics in the early 1960's. His creative talents allowed him to advance quickly; Stan was promoted to interim editor in 1941 before becoming president of the company. Lee is credited for ushering in a "revolution" in the comic book world by introducing real-world elements to superhero stories, allowing his readers to relate deeply with his characters.

The Ave is honored to collaborate with Stan Lee and Pow! Entertainment for these custom Vans. Created on a crisp black canvas, the POW! Entertainment logo is paired with a print of Stan's signature on one shoe, while "Excelsior!" - Stan's classic catch-phrase meaning "Ever upward" adorns the other.

Let us create your pair for you- shop here, we'll ship worldwide!

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