Celebrity Cameos at The Ave!

Posted on November 08 2013

Working in Los Angeles-- Venice Beach in particular -- You can never be too sure who is going to walk into the shop at any given time. Beleive it or not, there are a lot of celebrities that live right in the area! I mean, wouldn't you live right on the beach if you could!? Check out some photos of our most recent visitors at The Ave!


Here's Sean with Andrew Keegan! They were printing a parody shirt featuring his infamous "pensive" portrait from 10 Things I Hate About You... or is it "thoughtful"?


Funny man Orlando Jones dropped in to make some FREE HUGS shirts and custom Vans with his logo on them. Rachel is a huge fan, and got to spend the afternoon helping him create the custom gear, and talk about his new TV show Sleepy Hollow on FOX. They bonded, and are obviously now BFF's, as you can see from this hilarious picture.

 We were visited by Stefan Richter, a Top Chef Season 5 finalist. He came with an entire film crew, who were shooting a segment for an upcoming television project he is working on. We hooked him up with some custom Finnish flag shoes, which he absolutely loved. Thanks, Stefan!


The recently printed all of the shirts for the Breeder's Cup in Santa Anna, where several bands and singers were performing. Nick brought a custom pair of Converse to Toni Braxton, covered in all of her album covers. Toni began to "BREATHE AGAIN" over the gorgeous kicks, and we are lucky enough to call her a new fan of The Ave! We love Toni!

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