Venice Life Collection Launch Party at The Ave Sunday June 12th

Posted on June 10 2016

The Ave has teamed up with popular Venice Beach Instagram account Venice Life to launch the "Venice Life Collection", a series of tees featuring original photography, created exclusively at The Ave's Venice Beach location.

The collection kicks off Sunday, June 12th from 5pm to 8pm at The Ave Venice (64 Windward Ave).  Men's and Women's tees will be available- your purchase grants you access to our VIP area on our legendary rooftop to enjoy music and refreshments and mingle with other photographers at this unique InstaMeet, fashion & art event.



Photographers- bring your best shots! Walter from Venice Life and Nick from The Ave will be picking the best photos. Winners get their photos printed on a t-shirt on the spot!

Want a sneak peak of the amazing prints you'll be able to wear home? Walt shared the backstories of a few of his best photos with us- read more below and we'll see you Sunday!

"My name is Walter Chism. I was born in Venice, CA and lived at 6th and Brooks my whole life. The Venice Life is the only life for me. I created venice_life600 on Instagram in October 0f 2014 when I started taking photos with my phone. A good friend of mine put a camera in my hands and I just kept snapping photos around town. I get motivation and inspiration from the people who follow me on Instagram that tell me how my photos make them happy when they see them. I try and shoot Venice the way I've seen it growing up here. Everything about Venice is such a inspiration to me."


"Whenever there are clouds in Venice, it seems to look magical all over.
This was shot at about 10am on a weekday morning.


Red Dragons

"I can remember this day very clearly.
There were these really big red-orange clouds over Venice.
I never took a shot from this point of view.
I got in the middle of busy traffic and snapped this one."


Fire In The Sky

 "This was one of those fire in the sky type of moments.
I had already shot the sunset in the marina and while riding
home on my bike I just had to stop at the courts to
check out this out-of-the-world view."



"I love the leading line to the world-famous Venice Sign.
I placed my camera on the ground and got this sick shot
of the popcorn clouds in the sky."


Last Glow

 "This was one of the best sunsets I have ever seen.  
The colors were all so vivid that day.
Nothing says Venice like a sunset and palm tree


Orange Dreams

"This was shot off the Venice Pier.  
That night the sky was blue, then this orange color,
then after that it was a bright pink with a rainbow."


Sun Slam


"Slam dunk on this sunset."



"This is where life started in Venice for me. 6th and Brooks.
Many ask why I have the 600 on the end of my IG tag...
it's because of me living on the 600 block of Brooks.



Follow Venice Life on Instagram: @venice_life600
Follow The Ave on Instagram: @theavevenice

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