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Posted on June 01 2016

Getting their start just down the PCH in Huntington Beach, Slayer turned the world upside-down with their brutally intense brand of Thrash Rock. Daring to explore violent and often taboo topics that were off limits to their contemporaries, Slayer pushed the boundaries of self-expression and creativity.




The band had humble beginnings as a cover band and saw their first original release with 1983's "Aggressive Perfector". The single appeared on Metal Blade Record's Metal Massacre III compilation. This relationship lead to Metal Blade releasing the band's next two albums- Show No Mercy and Hell Awaits.




In 1986, the band was signed by Rick Rubin at New York's Def Jam, becoming label mates with acts like LL Cool J and The Beastie Boys. Their brutal lyrics, however, would cause Def Jam's distributor, Columbia, to refuse to release their next studio album, Reign in Blood. After being picked up by Geffen, the album was released and reached #94 on the Billboard charts.



The band's follow-up projects would see more commercial success- with South of Heaven reaching #57 in 1988 and Seasons in the Abyss reaching #40 in 1990. Their live release, Decade of Aggressive Live in 1991 hit #55. 

Their 1994 release, Divine Intervention, was their highest-charting release, peaking at #8 on the charts.




The 90's saw two other releases from the band- Undisputed Attitude and Diabolous in Musica.

Slayer's recent audio and visual release, however, maybe be one of its most brutal to date. "Repentless" depicts the violent carnage of prison as inmates exchange blows & blood.



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