NVR Shoes

In 2010, LA native Nick Romero turned his concept of a customizable sneaker shop into a The Ave, a Venice Beach destination that produces one-of-a-kind creations for customers looking to stand out from the crowd. Nick was inspired to open The Ave after receiving compliments on an original t-shirt design he created. The sense of pride he felt convinced him that other would want the same experience, but not just on shirts- he wanted shoes.

Not satisfied with the available technology, Nick designed his own custom shoe-printing machine that ultimately earned him both a patent and a devoted following of sneaker heads, pop culture aficionados, and fans of creative apparel.  After several years of customizing Converse All-Stars and Vans, Nick decided to move one step further and create a new shoe brand, NVR Shoes. Designed with customization in mind, NVR Shoes are engineered to work efficiently with Nick's patented printing process.