Sy The Manager Guy

Name: Symon

Nicknames: Sy

Where are you from: Marin County California, where all the old hippies went to become "legitimate income earning hippies". Granola was born here I'm pretty sure and tree hugging is a graded class beginning in kindergarten.

Favorite band: I listen to all music, narrowing down to a single favorite ? Do we have that kind of time? I could list my top 100 if we do...

Favorite movie: Way too many to list but I love Blazing Saddles and Pulp Fiction , Smokey and The Bandit Hell yeah Burt Reynolds Gator ! And then there are most of the Roger Moore era Bond films that also rule. All Bruce Willis films 5th element , twelve monkeys, Die Hard films!!! The Kill Bill films...Beverly Hills ninja and They call me Bruce those all go together ...right?! I could go on forever I'm a fan of film cheesy to serious...Miami Connection anyone??

Worst part about living in LA: The "Los Angeles Parking Enforcement MAFIA", this is a real thing I'm nearly certain the person running this office wears a large pinky ring. And maybe you can ask for favors on his or her daughters wedding day. Because you sure as heck cannot do ANYTHING other than pay the ticket no matter what any other time of the year.