World's Best Sharpie Artist

Where are you from: Originally from Hayward, Ca in the Bay Area. Moved to Dekalb, Il in High school and have been in various Chicago suburbs ever since.

Favorite band: Bjork in my favorite musician. But I also like Prince, David Bowie, Massive Attack, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and anything that's new this week.

Favorite movie: Goodfellas. I'm half Italian but I have never met my biological dad so I just watch that movie and pretend my dad is Robert Deniro, Joe Pesci or Ray Liotta :)

Other works (what else do you do): I make my living 100% with Sharpie Markers so I'm booked in the style. In the past I have done mosaics, ceramics, paintings, ink and pencil drawings, crayola, you name it.

Fav. part about working at The Ave: Making enough money to turn it right around on shoes (Dammit, but they're dope).

Craziest thing you've seen in Venice: Since I don't live in Venice I'll have to say Nick Romero. Y'all saw Shark Tank? :) What now though!

Best custom item you've sold: The one that made the person who bought it the most happy. Sold work to some actors, and musicians, and athletes. So I guess if I want to be a dick the work I sold them. But I don't.

Fav. part about living in LA: Well... since I live in DeKalb Illinois living in LA only happens in dreams. So I guess my favorite part is that I'm sleeping!?