Custom Chucks

Prior to The Ave opening in 2010, we spent endless hours inventing a process the custom shoe market has never been seen before. The ability to print photo-realistic images on Converse. Prior to this process being invented, people were hand painting their own kicks with non-lasting materials at outrageous prices. In addition to our huge collection of designs in the store and online, The Ave offers a fully customizable service where we can take your images and work with you one-on-one to create your own one of a kind sneaker.

Simply email your designs to Custom@TheAveVenice.com, or you can come by the store with your images on a disc or thumb drive at: 64 Windward Ave, Venice, CA 90291.

The list below is examples of art that we have worked with before while creating some of the thousands of custom kicks that we have already created in just a short period of time of being open.


1. A gentleman brought in his 7 year old's drawings from school. The drawings were done in crayon on a piece of construction paper, we were able to scan the image and design the custom shoe on our template. 



2. Our neighbor at the Tattoo Shop next door came in with a drawing he did using a ballpoint pen on a piece of fabric. We were able to photograph the image and make a design using different elements from the drawing for different parts of the shoe. 



3. A gentleman came in looking for the perfect gift for his wife for Mother's Day. While standing in our store, he emailed us several pictures of their children right from his BlackBerry and we were able to create a collage of the images for her shoes. He called us after Mother's Day and informed us of how ecstatic his wife was after receiving the gift.  



4. A guy came in, and wanted his favorite image of a pin-up model on his shoes. At first he was discouraged, because the only place the image existed was on a tattoo on his left arm. No problem! Using our digital camera, we were able to take a photo of the tattoo on his arm, cut it out on Photoshop, and use it as the focal point of the image on his shoes. Needless to say, he was in complete shock!



Joining the list of satisfied customers with one of a kind kicks is easy. Simply send an email to Custom@TheAveVenice.com with your images attached (or if you don't have images, send us your idea - we can create anything), along with your contact information, shoe size, preference of high tops or low tops, and one of our creative geniuses will get back to you within 24 hours. We will work with you one-on-one to create your custom kicks, which we will be able to email you a proof prior to printing so that you'll know exactly what the shoes will look like. We can ship worldwide.